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Our Profile

Horizon Shipping is the leader in cargo deliveries and your partner in integration and development.

Our vessels average transport of 6 million metric tons of mineral concentrates a year, and our freight routes span the globe – with a particular focus on west coast South America, the Far East, the US Gulf, and Europe (including the Mediterranean and the Black Sea) – resulting in a clientele that is more prepared, more successful, and better connected.

Horizon’s growth from promising beginnings to trade-dominance can be explained in three words: Relationships, Flexibility & Experience.

Horizon Values

We are client-focused, ensuring a smooth and consistent partnership. We value and build on relation- ships with customers to the mutual benefit of all. We strive to constantly renew long-term contracts with key clients.
We believe success is a direct result of adapting to the ebb and flow. We source the right vessel in terms of size, type and position required by our clients. We work around client’s requirements in terms of dates, quantity and port rotation encompassing adjustments in case of need.
We have the know-how and the twenty years of background to support it. Professional and proactive services are provided by an experienced and loyal staff. We understand the trading activity of our clients and by doing so, are consistently able to meet their transportation needs.